Hi! I’m Summer Estes, Licensed Professional Counselor.

I am so glad you are here.  In the therapeutic context, I believe it’s really important to find a therapist you “connect” with, so read on and see if you think we are a good match! I love what I do and consider it an honor and privilege to work with the people I do. Through my counseling and consulting services, I purpose to empower individuals to choose the path that leads to healing, wholeness, and renewal. I seek to provide a safe atmosphere for people who are wrestling with life’s challenges. I believe growth and healing are established in an atmosphere of acceptance, validation, and mutual respect. I see healing and wholeness as a journey that requires courage, intentionality, and a willingness to embrace change.


Connection is at the heart of what I do.  I agree with the clinical researcher Brene Brown PhD who believed having connection with others is core to being human and without it humans suffer. I desire to offer compassion, increase self-awareness, and deepen connection with oneself. I believe when we can relate with ourselves in a more kind and compassionate way then we will be able to connect with others in a similar way. I believe these “ingredients” provide the fertile soil in the Transformation process. This is my desire for my clients in the counseling or coaching/consulting setting.